One Of Our All-Time Favorites: The Matrix

the matrix numbersThe Matrix Comics is a graphic novel collection of twelve online comics that were published on the official Matrix movie website. Although you can still read the comics on the Internet, the Wachowski brothers responded to the consumer demand for a printed hard copy. The twelve stories in the volume are selected from each of the comic series published online. Imagine having chosen the blue pill instead of the red and regretting this decision, or having to your life repeatedly rewound several years back while the robots try to get it right, or watch your art come alive and kill your patrons. These are some of the powerful storylines in the Matrix mythos that you can find in this volume.

The Roots of The Matrix

The Matrix and Philosophy is a compilation of 20 essays by professional philosophers and professors. Each essay is about 8 to 25 pages long and gives the reader a solid introduction to theory without overloading you with complex ideas. It’s aimed at those who are curious about philosophy, using the roots of The Matrix as its starting point into deeper thinking. The Matrix and Philosophy is divided into five different sections, each focusing on a certain aspect of the Matrix. Topics covered include moralism, skepticism, reductive materialism, Marxism, etc. If you’ve always wanted to know more about philosophy but wasn’t sure about where to begin, this is a good place to start.

Morphing to Video Games

The Matrix: Path of Neo is the second The Matrix video game to be released and is a collaboration between the Wachowski brothers and Atari. This is the only game that allows you to play Neo and relive his best moments from all three films. You’ll be encountering familiar characters like Trinity, Morpheus, Agent Smith, and view re-edited scenes from all three movies and the Animatrix. Path of Neo is also considered to be Enter the Matrix’s “unofficial” sequel because it was made by the same developer, Shiny Entertainment. But that’s where the similarity ends. Path of Neo has a whole new engine, point of view, main character, and an entirely different focus done by the game’s developer. It’s more interactive and received more positive reviews from gamers than its predecessor.

Enter the Matrix is the first licensed game based on The Matrix movie series and is an essential part of the plot of the overall Matrix story. As a player you’ll get to enter the Matrix itself and experience the martial arts and gunplay, which is a trademark of the movie. Besides the hand to hand combat and gun fighting, you also get to drive Niobe’s car from The Matrix Reloaded, pilot the fastest hovercraft the Logos, visit the Oracle, hack into your computer, and battle Agents. The game isn’t merely set in the Matrix universe. Rather, it’s a whole new aspect of the Matrix experience set in between the first and second installments in the trilogy. Whenever Niobe and Ghost go off the screen in The Matrix Reloaded, they’re probably handling a mission in Enter the Matrix.

The Symbology in the Movie

Light symbolizes consciousness and the real world. Notice how the gun in the Nebuchadnezzar shoots out a beam of light that kills. Light or flashes of light also represents the awakening of the mind to the real world; this is why, from Neo’s point of view, Trinity and Morpheus are surrounded by a misty light when he first saw them in the “real” world.

Light also symbolizes wisdom and truth. It also symbolizes divine energy and spiritual power, like when Neo dove into the agent and exploded into a ball of light.

In the Matrix, most of the light appears as shadows or beams that penetrate through the darkness, like flashlights or trucklights, which symbolizes truth trying to pierce through a false world and good fighting to overcome evil.